Meet Mason

Mason Was transported to Children's Mercy on July 11, 2007 when he was less than 48 hrs old. It was extremely hard to see my sweet precious little baby ready for transport. We received nothing but concern & help from all the nurses once we arrived at Children's Mercy Hospital to see our little boy. The staff performed an echo cardiogram and it was confirmed that he had coartation of his Aorta, and would definitely need surgery to correct. My whole world was shaken at the moment they told us...all I could do was hold my little one in my arms and cry. We had a wonderful support of people who were praying for Mason continually ~ which was a blessing. It was extremely hard to see my little boy with all the IV's and PIC Lines...the Nurses were wonderful!! We were constantly updated and informed what his status was and what to expect next. Mason was given medication to keep his PDA open, which caused Flu-like symptoms. He was not able to eat prior to surgery...which would be almost 2 weeks away. Seeing your child in a Hospital, helpless, fighting for his life is the toughest thing I have ever had to do. We were encouraged daily of his progress, but still you are extremely emotional inside. The morning of July 19th, little Mason would finally undergo heart surgery. We are forever thankful to Dr. Lofland's knowledge and ability to perform Mason's surgery. We had very compassionate nurses who were very attentive to Mason and also extremely helpful and understanding with us. Mason came through surgery well and was heavily sedated all day after surgery. I spent my time right beside my precious little one and the nurses were encouraging and helpful all through his recovery. We were fortunate to have a room in the Ronald McDonald house...right down the hall from the PICU. Mason continued to progress daily and were told we could go home. The day finally arrived, July 25th ~ when we got to take our sweet, precious boy home! What a blessing!! Prior to leaving we consulted with all his wonderful Dr's and Nurses and were ready to go home. It is a terrible thing to have a child in the Hospital...but if you have to, Children's Mercy Hospital is the best place and has the best interest of your little one! I am tremendously thankful for all the wonderful nurses and especially to Dr Lofland, who, I believe, performed a miracle on my little Mason!! I will be forever grateful to Dr. Lofland who is an amazing Dr...and gave my precious little boy his life back!!!!