April 2013 Adopt A Mom

Support us in our Children's Mercy Adopt A Mom compaign!!

CHD T-Shirts

We are selling T-Shirts again. NOW with more sizes!! Come check it out!!

Children's Mercy Hospital T-Shirt Fundraiser

Thanks to everyone who participated in the T-Shirt Fundraiser! The shirts should be arriving soon!

Mitten and Hat Drive

Mason's Give A Heart Mitten & Hat Drive

The collection containers have been placed in various different locations today....now all we need are some mittens, hats, gloves & scarves !!!!!
ALL items will benefit Children's Mercy Hospital this Winter Season....CMH does require all donated items be new, due to health reasons.

We plan on collecting items through December 10th.

This Mitten & Hat Drive is being ran through our Not for profit Organization, Mason's Give A Heart Foundation.

We are now official!

Since we are now official it is time to kick off some fundraisers. Some ideas we are working on right now include a "Dinner Fundraiser," and "Paradise Park Night." We are also looking for volunteers to help make blankets to be donated to Children's Mercy Hospital so look for a "Sewing Work Day" soon!

Update from Mason's latest annual Cardiology appointment

Update from Mason's latest annual Cardiology appointment
(From his Cardiologist Dr. Carlson)

February 13, 2012 officially declared Mason's Give a Heart Day in Raymore!

February 13, 2012, Mason's Give a Heart Foundation officially received proclamation from the Raymore, MO, city council declaring the day Mason's Give a Heart Day!

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